Implement a solution call management to prevent the right person at the right time with the right information message in an emergency

Call management: Availability of real-time custodial staff.

Supervision of penaltiesThis is the same function of our duty teams management solution pager via web interface accessible from any web browser, including mobile phones and tablets. It is essential to monitor the manager and technical installations remotely by mobile workers or penalty.Guards & compelled to work are common practices in many professional fields, computer, medical, industrial, technical, etc. Child & Technical penalties are governed, under Article L.3121-5 of the Labour Code.

On-call management solution available to prevent custodial staff.

The call management SaaS to alert in real time custodial staff to intervene as soon as possible in order to maintain the productivity of the production system. Out of hours and days it is essential to provide for duty teams immediately available to respond to any user problems, or respond to malfunction problems on controllers.

Control your supervision system  : Solutions call management pager hyperviser include all technical installations, IT, production lines, to automatically prevent periodic penalty payments agents involved in disseminating information on all media available. Once alerted, the person on duty and on call can connect to the interface and view the status of systems, facilities as well as current intervention.

The characteristics of our tool  alarm supervision with management periodic penalty payments:

  • Calls based on an on-call schedule and procedures, waterfalls ..
  • Dissemination of warnings by alarm type with acquittal and abutment (relate).
  • Alarm messages vocalized on fixed, mobile or wireless messaging
  • Alarm messages as text via SMS, Mail, Fax, vocalized, pagers
  • Alarm visualization in real time via Web Browser or Tablet or Smartphone
  • Logging calls and actions to a log (log)
  • Call management and distribution of mass on alert with Clever platform.

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