Hypervision: pilot your system of supervision

Hypervision: piloting of the system of supervision

The hypervision, to explain it simply is the highest level in the pyramid of the supervision, which can thus come so:

  • Hypervision
  • Supervision
  • Sensors and detectors in any kinds
  • Perimeters to be controlled and/or to be watched.

So it is easy(well-to-do) to conclude(end), that Hyperviser, it is still better that to oversee.


Nowadays, in all the companies SMEs/SMIs major accounts, the IT and network systems became essential. But, the slightest interruption of service(department), or the failure of a system causes(provokes) real losses on the activity and the financial result(interest expenses) can be strongly impacted.

Let us imagine simply an on-line reservation system, with payment which breaks down, and about whom(which) the persons in charge would not immediately be informed for intervention. It is easy(well-to-do) to see the impact which it can cause(provoke).

And more impacting although real IT breakdown of the systems, it is often the image of the company which is affected(touched) with behind a bad reputation on the quality of the services(departments) which it offers, either on the unavailability of its on-line sites.

In this context of competition(competitors) and permanent productivity, the job(business) by the IT supervision in taken a dominating place(square) in the continuity of service(department). The DSI set up systems allowing to pilot information systems to federate all the infrastructure, and or the applications on a single console of hypervision, grouping(including) all the services(departments) or overseen tools.

The Information systems managers have the conviction that it is necessary to pilot sound IF with a tool of hypervision, over the supervision for several objectives:

Hypervision: analyze the system to understand(include) him(it) better, network application load(responsibility), load(responsibility), data processing.

  • Have for objective to improve the continuous duty of the systems and the services provided by the Technical Infrastructure,
  • Proactive being to outstrip(anticipate) the dysfunctions with the anticipation on the alerts
  • Anticipate the damages of performance of the computer system, the production lines before impacting on the jobs(businesses) carried(worn) by the IT.

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