Supervision man machine via internet

Web interface of supervision Man Machine

The monitoring server man / machine via the internet, MEMOGuard provides access to a web interface and manage current alarms , future or completed. This supervision web interface allows to monitor the status of all equipment connected to computer networks and see who comes in real time.

memoguardThe MEMOGuard web monitoring server is an alarm message management platform available in SaaS mode or install on site with the same features as a full version ( with our other tools associated ” CleverSMS ” ) .

Our alarm monitoring tool with penalties may be coupled to all supervisory tools & monitoring of the business. No limit alarms, periodic penalty payments , waterfalls, broadcast messages with climbing, acknowledgment and double acquittal abutment for linking .

You want to set up a man-machine monitoring server to monitor a computer network technology with 10, 25 or 10,000 devices , equipment, controllers , software, platforms. Looking for a network monitoring solution that fits your budget as needed. So make a quote and try our supervision tool man / machine MEMOGuard

Supervision man machine since your Web browser

  • Human Machine supervision from your web browser
  • Alarm management system that centralizes information .
  • Monitoring Web interface to monitor interventions .
  • User management, different user profiles Restart one or more remote systems by code, email, SMS, script , DTMF …
  • Management of unlimited alarms, vocalized , fax, SMS , email, pager , sound , light panel …..
  • Acquittal , double payment with security code and files vocalized message
  • Abutting calls for linking of speakers automatically.
  • Monitor alarms boiler , air conditioning , temperature sensors , humidity, freezers
  • Monitoring of all machines , computer equipment , industrial robots, GTC, GTB ,
  • Centralized monitoring system , alarm on the hypervisor solution MEMOGuard
  • Supervision & monitoring of computer alarms, technical, industrial , software, AS400

 Establish monitoring human machine :

  • SaaS , SaaS with alarm management platform solutions
  • Limited to 2 calls cascade procedure and a limited number of calls in parallel 2 also
  • Limited to 2 calls cascade procedure and a limited number of calls in parallel to 4
  • Unlimited number of calls in parallel and number of calls in cascade procedure This version also has a feature abutment , ie direct matchmaking between the technician intervention and a guard or control the problem.
  • MEMOGuard : Installation of a model used to test the efficacy of the product within the SI