We are currently witnessing a frenetic race for technological innovations. The SMS sending system from a website is part of this horde of major advances. It is interesting to know how this system works. But the most important question is whether send an SMS from a website is a credible alternative in comparison with Skype.

The mechanism type of SMS sent via a website

In fact, send a text message from a website almost follows the same protocol as for the mobile phone. – The text is received almost immediately , except in case of network problems ; – The user can send a text to multiple recipients simultaneously. The multicasting is a more advanced functionality than the mailing list. – A site may be shaped and provided with features so as to have an intuitive interface for sending SMS . Sending the message usually follows the following protocol:

  • It falls on the site via a contact form .
  • The user selects the type : single recipient or multiple applications .
  • He dials the number of the sender, which is typically that of a company .
  • He wrote a message of 160 characters ( in general). As with the phone, there are predefined messages except they are more on a site.
  • A site can be equipped with a feature for delayed sending the message. The user then specifies the time and / or date on which the SMS should be sent.
  • One more equally advanced option is called ” sending Flash” : Once received, the content of the text message is displayed directly on the phone screen .

The model type of a system for sending SMS via a website

Sending SMS via a website is overwhelmingly used by companies . The integration of this system in a site is not a new thing for web agencies. A SOHO-SME can even afford a website not expensive, but with advanced features for SMS sending system.

As with mobile, it is entirely possible to view the history of its shipments. Just as one can ensure that messages sent automatically deleted . A website still provides delivery reports . But this feature may also be disabled. The names of the articles may vary from site to site , but the mechanism is the same.

  • ” Sent “, ” sent successfully “, ” SMS received”
  • “In Progress” , “sending ” … “Failed”,
  • “sending failed “, ” SMS not received” …

Depending on the functionality of the website and its possible collaboration with one or operators in a foreign country, the user can send SMS to other countries than France. This possibility always checks during registration via the contact form, which among other information covered foreign countries.

After compared with Skype, there are no major differences . It may however be noted that a website can still be remodeled and equipped with new and more advanced features. For example, the SMS delayed sending is not possible with Skype. Some companies even specialize in the design of SMS platform via a website.

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