WordPress Plugin and security vulnerabilities.

WordPress Plugin and security

Although we hear a lot about WordPress, wordpress plugin , some still do not know the solution. The purpose of this article is simple, give you some ideas on the CMS ( content management system) WordPress . WordPress CMS is created by Michel Valdrighi in 2001, and it actually hits the market in 2003, presented as an evolution of the B2 software. WordPress.com is known today by thousands of bloggers who make mini sites for themselves , an association , or to gain visibility at lower cost .

plugin WordPress envoi de SMSWordPress has become a leader in content management , publishing content online using the WordPress software. (Content Management System) WordPress CMS developed in PHP , based on a mysql database.

The last update of WordPress fixes several security vulnerabilities , including a critical enabling malicious code injected into Web pages. Learn more about Itespresso.fr

WordPress Plugin vulnerable :

wordpress plugin SlimStat pointed with a security problem. Installed on millions of sites , WP SlimStat is a plugin WordPress CMS destination to trace a number of statistics and performance on its website. WordPress plugin provides a loophole making it vulnerable to SQL injection attacks. A new patch has been posted to correct this fault .

Click on the link below to find out how secure a WordPress site to avoid surprises and risks of hack.

WordPress itself is fairly well secured , provided you keep up to date at all times, but that is not the case for pluggins WordPress themes and design quality depend authors programming skills . With over 24,000 plugins and nearly 2,000 topics , you can imagine that these skills vary enormously between countries, technologies, or simply on how to write the code . …

WordPress is today used by over 23 % of web sites around the world , in fact it is a prime target for hackers of all kinds , especially thanks to its intuitive and easy management , it is not absolutely necessary to being a programming crack, to be able to administer.

WordPress plugin site ( directory of free WordPress plugins) does not guarantee the safety of pluggins WordPress , or absent for any error code if an essay inspires you , you have excellent tutorials on the web such as:

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