Charging stations supervision | SPIE and IBM

Tool for supervision and development of charging stations

Supervision des bornes de recharge

SPIE announces the signing of a cooperation framework agreement with IBM to offer a common supervisory charging stations electric vehicles. This agreement provides for collaboration between the two groups , SPIE and IBM to offer a joint offering installation , supervision, maintenance and technical and commercial operation of electric charging stations in France.

“The main platforms for technical supervision of the terminals ( CNR , E- totem, Freshmile , G2mobility , MOPeasy , Sodetrel , Spie , Vinci Energies) are all connected or while connected to the roaming platform Gireve

The intelligent supervision charging stations

Finally, a decision motivated by ” an experience of several car-sharing services business.” Furthermore Vélib ‘in Paris , the Bolloré Group is present in Bordeaux and Lyon. In total , the company has deployed 6,000 terminals. The Bolloré Group , announced that it will install ” smart terminals” connected and equipped with touch screens for dialogue with users and to get help . The driver can check the availability of a point of recharge and book in advance.

* About SPIE independent European leader in multi- technical services in the areas of energy and communications, SPIE supports its customers in the design, construction, operation and maintenance of energy-efficient facilities and friendly environment .

About IBM is positioning itself as the preferred partner for companies that have made ​​innovation their creed , helping to differentiate sustainably in a highly competitive environment. IBM provides them with the most comprehensive range of resources – skills , systems, software , services, financing, technology – to help them and enable them to become innovative companies.


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