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Become a sponsor on the Dinners of Cloud Computing and SaaS

Season 2 of the Dinners of Cloud Computing and SaaS

The season 2 of the Dinners of Cloud Computing and SaaS is thrown for 2015 and pass by 13 cities of France to affect 300 hand-picked decision-makers! The persons in charge jobs by companies are interested more and more in the cloud computing and in its contributions for their organizations (flexibility, productivity, reactivity, budgetary economy). Departments such as the RH, the DAF, the commercial, the marketing, the purchases, the customer services, push their head offices to adopt these offers.

Dinners of Cloud Computing

The DSI will have to follow and, far from being ruled out(moved away), they will become the guarantors(guarantees) of the quality and the robustness proposed by the partners and the suppliers. They will be the « skeepers » of these clouds the border of which remains tiny between Cloud and outsourcing

You are an actor of the Cloud Computing or the SaaS and wish to present your offers in region?


After the success of the Dinners of Cloud Computing on Bordeaux, Toulouse, Lyon, Nantes, Strasbourg, Lille and Marseille, adding up more than 150 decision-makers around commercial Round Tables, the Dinners of Cloud Computing and SaaS organize in 2015 a new Tour de France and will pass in 13 cities:

· in April 16th in Toulouse – April 9th in Nantes – May 7th in Marseille in May 21st in Bordeaux
· in May 28th in Nice (in the NEGRESCO) in June 4th in Lyon – June 11th in Montpellier – June 18th in Lille
· in June 25th in Strasbourg – September 24th to Deauville (Morning(Early) and lunch) in October 8th in Poitiers
· in October 29th in Rennes(Reinders) – November 29th Le Mans

Already more than 250 decision-makers Subscribers on our events! Within the framework of these Dinners, you are assured(insured) to have a minimum from 15 to 20 decision-makers by region, stemming from PME.PME, ETI, Major accounts and local authorities.

This fabric(tissue) of companies represents more than 55 % of the consumers of offers of Cloud Computing or applications and software packages in mode(fashion) SaaS.

The functions(offices) of the present decision-makers on these events are: head office(executive management), DAF, Purchasing department, DSI, DI, Safety manager, Person in charge infrastructure, Direction(Management) of the studies, Sales management, Marketing department.

La Nantaise du Webhttps://www.informatique-securite.net/
Une expérience de 17 ans comme directeur Marketing et communication dans une PME. Dirigeant de l'entreprise et associé j'ai quitté la société d'édition de logiciel et de services pour de nouveaux horizon sur la région Loire Atlantique, Pays de Loire, Nantes, Rennes, Angers, Vendée

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