Cloud Computing : White paper of the technologies SaaS, IaaS, PaaS

Among the last publications, around Cloud or Cloud Computing, we are anxious to underline and to put forward(to advance) the last white paper, produces by Eurocloud, who as a supplement to the previous papers, puts forward(advances) in the environment Cloud. The evolution mastered towards IaaS (Infrastructure has has Service(Department)) and PaaS Platform have has Service, not to confuse(merge) with SaaS (Software have has Service).

There is no question here to get into detail, and we send back(dismiss) the reader to the original document, nevertheless we call back(remind) that Cloud is a simple model, which allows the access everywhere and to the demand(request), to the computing resources in any kinds(genres) (waiters(servers), storage, applications and services(departments) etc.).Multiple definitions exist, on the same subject, of whom(which) one of the most complete were the one of Wikipedia:

Cloud Computing, Concept consisting in deporting on remote servers of the storages and the IT, accessible(approachable) processings since the user posts, with uses of the mutualized and/or virtualized resources.

To use him(it) in Frenchman(French people), we shall say: computing in cloud, infonuagique, IT in the cloud, or still IT virtual, but Cloud Computing, is widely the most used terminology. To finish, let us call back(remind) simply the detail of 3 key expressions:

  • IaaS – Capacity to be supplied, power and space of treatment(processing) and storage, the customer keeping(guarding) the seizure and the control of the exploitation(operation) and the applications.
  • PaaS – Capacity to deploy applications acquired by the customer in languages taken care by the person receiving benefits(provider), the customer not managing the underlying – network, waiters(servers), storage, etc. etc.
  • SaaS – Capacity to propose a software subscription, in accessible(approachable) since wherever, place and place(square) of a license(Bachelor’s degree); appeared after the year 2000, in continuation of the ASP, this concept avoids the installation of a software on the user post.

Computing and Safety(Security) under the mark(brand) of CLEVER Technologies, in press a SMS CLEVERSMS software. It is a solution in mode(fashion) SaaS for the sending of SMS by internet. Sites to know more about it:

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